About Royal A-ware

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About Royal A-ware

Royal A-ware is a traditional Dutch family business with a passion for food. We provide the best quality service to our clients through our customized services. In other words, we deliver true A-quality – service.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation by always meeting client requirements and keeping up-to-date about market developments. Our goal is for customers to recognize us as their most valued chain partner in the agrifood industry.

More than 1,200 employees at somewhat 20 locations across the Netherlands and Belgium are committed every single day to provide customers around the world with top-quality food products. Royal A-ware invests in sustainability, in our environment, and in the welfare and development of our employees.

Royal A-ware: one family, two companies

Royal A-ware is a member of the Koninklijke A-ware Food Group. The Koninklijke A-ware Food Group consists of two separate companies that operate independently on the market:

Royal A-ware

Cheese and dairy activities

AB Transport Group

Logistics services