Royal A-ware focuses on the following activities:

Business Operations

Royal A-ware sells and trades cheese (as well as smoked and processed cheese), ingredients, and cream to industrial processors and sellers.


Royal A-ware has several different packaging lines for packaging and labelling cheese, fresh dairy, and cream. We produce millions of consumer packaging every week. The packaging is completely customized to meet client needs.


Royal A-ware has lines for the production of cheese slices, cheese wedges and blocks, grated cheese, and cubed cheese in different formats.


Thousands of Dutch cheeses are ripening in our optimally conditioned warehouses. We use state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest possible quality. The ripening process gives the cheese extra firmness and defines the flavour. The cheeses are turned regularly. The cheeses receive a new layer of coating each time they are turned that protects them.


With our own cheese factory, processing plant, and fresh dairy and cream factory we are able to develop specific recipes and give our customers exactly what they want. Milk sourced directly from farms in the northern provinces of the Netherlands is the basis for all our products.

At our cheese factory in Heerenveen we produce dozens of cheeses in different varieties. At our processing plant in Zaandam we produce and package smoked cheese and processed cheese. Fresh dairy products like milk and yoghurt are produced at our A-ware Fresh Dairy factory in Coevorden. We produce different cream products at our cream factory in Merchtem, Belgium.

 Dairy farmers

Royal A-ware efficiently organizes the chain by keeping the links in it to a minimum by working directly with dairy farmers from the northern provinces of the Netherlands.

 Cheese Cleaning

Our establishment in Harderwijk specializes in cleaning cheese. Royal A-ware buys rejected cheese from multinationals and production companies. This cheese is sorted under strict supervision by monitoring bodies and the pieces that are usable and safe for consumption are separated from the pieces that cannot be used. The usable pieces of cheese are sorted and cleaned to be used in the grating and processing industry. Through this we contribute to the prevention of food wastage.