Royal A-ware was founded following a merger between two family businesses, Bouter and Anker.


In 1890, Peter Bouter started trading in animal feed and cheese in Streefkerk in the Dutch province of South Holland. It didn't take long after this for the first cheese warehouse to be built in nearby Groot Ammers. In the 1930s, Peter's sons Huig, Bart, and Jan started working in the family business and in 1956, Bart's son, Peet, took over the company. Under the leadership of Peet Bouter, this family business has become a partner of a leading Dutch retail chain.


Arie Anker started selling cheese on the market in 1963. He then expanded the business to include ripening cheese for third parties. During the 1990s his two daughters and son Jan took over the business. Under the leadership of Jan Anker, this cheese company has expanded to ripen, transport, and trade cheese.

Royal A-ware

In 2010, Anker Cheese (1963) and Bouter Cheese (1890) merged to form the A-ware Food Group. In 2015 this group received the designation ‘Koninklijke’ (Royal) and the name officially changed to Koninklijke A-ware Food Group trading under the name Royal A-ware.