New sustainable ice cream concept: Little Cow & Cookies

Publication date: 26-10-2021

Produced by The Organic Jersey Farm, a collaboration between Koepon Dairy Farms and dairy producer Royal A-ware.

The Organic Jersey Farm is taking its first steps on Dutch soil with the sustainable ice cream concept: Little Cow & Cookies. Little Cow & Cookies is the tastiest organic ice cream made from the butter-soft, organic milk of Little Jersey cows, and various artisanal cookies that are 'world-famous' in Europe. In a unique packaging that is completely recyclable through scrap paper and also fully compostable.

Unique biodegradable cup
The packaging of the ice cream is biodegradable. This specially developed sustainable packaging is made of - food-grade - fibers without plastic or polymers and is completely recyclable through waste paper.

Sustainable production process
The ice cream is the result of a qualitative and sustainable production process. The farmland, the Jersey cows, the ice cream factory, and the community all work together in a closed circle. The mission of The Organic Jersey Farm is to be and remain carbon and waste neutral during the production process and to provide ice cream that has a reduced carbon footprint and stands for conservation.