Profit of Royal A-ware in 2016 significantly higher than in 2015

Publication date: 06-07-2017

Investments in cheesemaking plant and packaging sites prove fruitful

The family business Royal A-ware has significantly improved its profits in 2016. With a turnover of EUR 1.2 billion, Royal A-ware achieved a net profit of EUR 18 million in 2016. It also invested EUR 33 million in the same year. Royal A-ware specializes in producing, ripening, cutting, packaging and trading in cheese, fresh dairy products and cream. In addition, it is active in the transportation of agricultural products.

A few statistics for 2016: 
• Turnover EUR 1,2 billion
• EBITDA EUR 63 million
• Net profit EUR 18 million 
• Average number of employees in 2016: 2.400+


Royal A-ware continues to invest in long-term strategy
Royal A-ware has a clear long-term focus. In recent years, it invested in the cheesemaking plant in Heerenveen and the packaging sites in Almere and Culemborg (all in the Netherlands). In 2016, it also made substantial investments (EUR 33 million) to further strengthen its position as a strategic partner for its customers in the dairy chain and logistics services.


Profit significantly improved in 2016  
The net turnover achieved in 2016 amounted to almost EUR 1.2 billion. Therefore, turnover grew by 6.4% compared with 2015. Sales figures also show strong growth. The achieved EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) increased by 25% to EUR 63 million. Profit after tax amounted to EUR 18 million. CEO Jan Anker emphasizes that the profit generated in 2016 was achieved due to the enormous commitment of employees and with the help of all partners. “I thank colleagues, customers and suppliers for the trust they placed in us.”


Looking ahead to 2017
No expectations are expressed for 2017 due to the volatility of the dairy and cheese market. However, based on the first half of 2017, Royal A-ware has a positive outlook. CEO Jan Anker, “As regards the cheese market of recent months, the positive results achieved once again show that a good result for the company and a good milk price for our farmers are something that go hand in hand. By courtesy of the good cheese market, the A-ware milk price in the first half of 2017 rose considerably and presently exceeds 40 cents! After a poor milk price in 2016, this higher milk price is more than welcome among milk-producing farmers.”