Royal A-ware expanding cheese specialty line at Heerenveen cheese factory

Publication date: 29-03-2017

100 million litres extra milk needed

Heerenveen, 29 March 2017 | Royal A-ware is expanding the capacity of the cheese specialty line at the cheese factory to meet the growing customer demands from premium specialty stores both domestically and internationally. For the expansion of the speciality cheeses, Royal A-ware is seeking more dairy farmers. There is capacity for around 100 million extra litres of milk.

Growing demand for premium specialty cheeses
Royal A-ware places the interests of its customers at the forefront. This means they organize the supply chain based on customer requirements and, therefore, only produce cheese that customers want. “That we would be expanding the cheese specialty line inside two years of launching our cheese factory is not something I would have envisaged a couple of years back.” said COO Klaas de Jong. “We can take this step because the demand for our premium Dutch cheeses and cheese specialties is growing. Not only in the Netherlands and Europe, but also further afield.”

When building the cheese factory, we took into account the possibility of needing to expand the production capacity. The cheese specialty line is equipped to make many different recipes and forms. “We also prepared ourselves to be able to process different milk flows to respond to a growing consumer demand for differentiation.” said de Jong. It is expected that the cheese speciality line will be operational late in 2018. The cheese-makers need the coming year and a half to develop and integrate the necessary equipment in the cheese factory.

Dairy farmers welcome
The group of dairy farmers that Royal A-ware works directly with is growing. As is the quantity of milk they supply. Through the expansion of the cheese specialty line there is room for additional dairy farmers to supply milk directly to Royal A-ware. Royal A-ware is seeking 100 million extra litres of milk. Royal A-ware adds international value to the milk from the dairy farmers through the premium cheese, yoghurt and fresh dairy products.

Royal A-ware is seeking to partner with dairy farmers from the five northern provinces that supply conventional, pasture or organic milk. Preferably these dairy farmers are based near the cheese factory in Heerenveen or the yoghurt factory in Coevorden. Dairy farmers around Meppel, Almelo and the North-East Polder are also welcome. Royal A-ware offers dairy farmers a correct and fair milk price and, in addition, volume, quality, sustainability and grazing allowances. “We look forward to speaking with dairy farmers to discuss the possibilities of supplying milk to our factories.” said Koen Veldman, Manager Livestock Affairs. More information about working with Royal A-ware can be found at

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