Royal A-ware reaches agreement with curator Hollebeekhoeve

Publication date: 06-04-2022

Taking over facilities, preserving jobs.

On Tuesday, March 15, the court in Ghent declared the bankruptcy of Hollebeekhoeve in Kruibeke (BE). Royal A-ware has reached an agreement with the trustee concerning the takeover of the facilities. The affected employees will be offered the opportunity to join A-ware.

'The declared bankruptcy is extremely unpleasant for all concerned. It is particularly shocking for the affected employees. We have already offered the affected employees a job. Together with them, we are now focusing on restarting the activities in Kruibeke. All those involved will receive more information about this shortly,' said Jan Anker, CEO of Royal A-ware.

Royal A-ware has been active in Belgium for several years. The acquisition of the equipment in Kruibeke offers A-ware the opportunity to accelerate its growth ambition in Belgium and also fits in with the strategy to serve customers with the widest possible product range.

This expansion also provides growth opportunities for A-ware's current milk suppliers in Belgium. It will also create new space for new dairy farmers.

Other dairy production in Belgium
Since November 2021, Royal A-ware has been producing milk powder in Aalter, Belgium. As a result of the necessary investments, the capacity of the dairy will be substantially expanded this year, so that eventually 40,000 tons of milk powder and 40,000 tons of cream for butter production can be produced here annually. A-ware collects the milk that is processed in Aalter from dairy farmers in the surrounding regions.

In addition, Royal A-ware has a facility in Merchtem. Here, fresh cream, whipped cream, culinary (cooking) cream, vegetable cream, ice cream, and milkshake mixes are produced for professional end-users such as chocolatiers and industrial processors.