Royal A-ware starts second milk stream in Belgium: pasture milk

Publication date: 05-05-2022

From June 1, 2022, Royal A-ware will start a second milk stream in Belgium. In addition to conventional milk, the dairy processor will also collect pasture milk. In the start-up phase, a limited number of dairy farmers will be able to supply pasture milk to A-ware. This will be gradually expanded in the coming period. For the supply of pasture milk, the needs of Stichting Weidegang will be used. MCC Vlaanderen will be appointed to supervise this.

Need for pasture milk
In early April, Royal A-ware reached an agreement with the Hollebeekhoeve trustee on the acquisition of the dairy processing facilities in Kruibeke. This third Belgian processing site of A-ware is now operational and milk, yogurt, and cream cheese are produced here. In addition, proposed cooperation with dairy processor Olympia was recently submitted to the Belgian Competition Authority (BMA) for approval.

Meadow milk will form the basis for some of the dairy produced in the various branches. This creates the need for a second milk stream: A-ware Meadow Milk.

Meadow milk premium
A meadow milk premium of € 1 per 100 liters has been established by the management of Royal A-ware. This premium will be applied to deliveries from April to September 2022.

Dairy farmers who are interested in A-ware's pasture milk program can request information or sign up via