Royal A-ware is committed to delivering quality services and products to its clients. The use of quality systems and manuals ensures that we deliver high-quality services and products and guarantees food safety. All our locations are equipped with a quality system that is monitored by an independent third party.

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Royal A-ware Production Locations

A-ware Packaging B.V.

Wittevrouwen 2-4, 1358 CD, ALMERE
Health mark: NL Z 0814 EG

A-ware Mozzarella and Cream B.V.

Saturnus 21, 8448 CC HEERENVEEN
Health mark: NL Z 4085 EG

A-ware Zaandam B.V. (Schipper Cheese B.V.)

Ringweg 330, 1507 BS, ZAANDAM
Health mark: NL Z 0009 EG

A-ware Cheese Ingredients B.V.

Nobelstraat 44a, 3846 CG, HARDERWIJK
Health mark: NL Z 0873A EG

A-ware Weert (Prika Dairy Industry B.V.)

Ampérestraat 2, 6000 DJ, WEERT
Health mark: NL Z 0275 EG

A-ware Fresh Dairy (KH Dairy Sourcing B.V.)

Vlieghuis Europaweg 42, 7742 PR, Coevorden

Healthmark: NL Z 1956 EG

A-ware Dairy Products Belgium B.V.

Venecolaan 17, Aalter, Belgie
Health mark: BE M394 EC

A-ware Tapas B.V.

Kuipersweg 36, 3449 JA WOERDEN

La Concorde N.V.

Brusselsesteenweg 192, MERCHTEM
Health mark: BE M206 EG

Bouter Group Culemborg

Rolweg 11, 4104 AV, CULEMBORG

Health mark: NL Z 0461 EG

Bouter Group Borrelgemak

Koningsbeltweg 31, 1329 AB, ALMERE
Health mark: NL Z ---- EG

Royal A-ware Ripening Locations


Saturnus 4, 8448 CC, HEERENVEEN
Health mark: NL Z 4041 EG


Handelsweg 5, 3899 AA, ZEEWOLDE
Health mark: NL Z 0911 EG

Bouter Group Rietveld

Rietveld 62, 3443 XD, WOERDEN
Health mark: NL Z 4061 EG

Bouter Group Touwslagersweg

Touwslagersweg 19, 3449 HX, WOERDEN
Health mark: NL Z 0857 EG

Royal A-ware Sales organizations

A-ware Dairy Trade B.V.
Anker Cheese B.V.

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