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Dairy Academy Royal A-ware starts in Belgium with two knowledge partners

6 September 2022

From this autumn, Royal A-ware will also share knowledge with suppliers in Belgium via the Dairy Academy. The Dairy Academy is the knowledge platform of Royal A-ware and helps suppliers with expert knowledge partners in order to set up the dairy farm in a more future-proof and sustainable way. The first two knowledge partners to join in Belgium are ForFarmers - specialist in innovative feed solutions - and BOONE-Denkavit - specialist in young cattle rearing.

The Dairy Academy started in the Netherlands in 2014 and is the exclusive knowledge platform for suppliers of Royal A-ware. In collaboration with expert knowledge partners, an attractive range of workshops and events is put together for them every year. In this way, Royal A-ware makes entrepreneurship easier and more transparent for its suppliers. In the Netherlands, 12 knowledge partners are now affiliated with the Dairy Academy. The first workshops in Belgium are planned for November.

ForFarmers: feed solutions for productive and healthy dairy cattle
Luc Augustyns, commercial manager of ForFarmers: “Via our first workshop 'More milk from roughage', Royal A-ware suppliers gain insight into which different factors influence milk production and how the potential of the herd can be optimally exploited. On the basis of practical examples, they are introduced to management and feed solutions for productive and healthy dairy cattle.”

BOONE-Denkavit: for healthy and safe calf rearing
Luc Boone, director of BOONE, is looking forward to the first workshop in Belgium: “With our workshop 'Young cattle rearing', dairy farmers learn more about good rearing management in the areas of nutrition, health, ventilation and housing. For decades, Denkavit has been researching the optimal calf rearing for a healthy and balanced growth of calves.”

Suppliers of Royal A-ware can participate free of charge in workshops and events of the Dairy Academy. “A great opportunity for our suppliers to gain even more insight into the management of their company, to realise a higher return and to enjoy doing business even more. We are delighted that ForFarmers and BOONE-Denkavit are extending their partnership with Royal A-ware to Belgium," says Luc Van Hoe, Director of Milk Affairs A-ware Belgium.

F.l.t.r.: Luc Augustyns (commercial manager of ForFarmers), Luc Van Hoe (Director of Milk Affairs A-ware Belgium) and Luc Boone (director of BOONE).