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Enterprising dairy farmers

The milk from our enterprising dairy farmers is the basis of almost all the products that we make. Like dairy farmers, we think in generations rather than in years. We find it important that we are on the same page as our dairy farmers, that we do business together. We like to work with dairy farmers who:

  • Aim for long-term continuity with a good return in the short term.
  • Just like us, have a healthy ambition to grow.
  • Focus on entrepreneurship and stability.
  • Strive for the right balance between entrepreneurial freedom and security.

The right milk flow

Our dairy farmers choose the milk flow that's right for them. Each dairy farmer is equally important to us, no matter what the flow of milk they supply. We have various milk flows, each with its own specific programme and clients:

  • Organic/SKAL for organic dairy products
  • Beter voor [Better for...] exclusively for Albert Heijn supermarkets
  • Raw milk for Dutch PGI cheese (export)
  • Pasture-fed milk for Dutch & Belgian dairy products
  • Traditional milk for cheese and powdered milk (export)

Better for Cow, Nature & Farmer

Together with Albert Heijn, we developed the Better for Cow, Nature & Farmer programme to make dairy and cheese production more sustainable through a closed, transparent production chain.

Over 450 dairy farmers now supply milk in the Better for... milk stream. For their extra efforts, Albert Heijn pays them a premium on top of the price of meadow milk. This offers security and continuity.