high-quality cream products


Extensive range of flavoursome cream products

We produce high-quality cream products such as fresh whipping cream, sweetened cream, and cooking cream at our La Concorde cream factory in Merchtem, Belgium. These client-specific cream products can be produced under our La Concorde brand or as your own private label. We supply cream products to retailers, the food service industry, chefs, patisseries, and industrial processors. We offer a wide range of packaging: cups (125 ml - 250 ml), cartons (250 ml - 1 litre), bottles (1 and 2 litres), bag in box (5 - 10 litres), and containers (200 - 1,000 litres). In addition to our standard fresh cream products, we also produce client specific recipes for standard cream, grass-fed cream, or organic cream. Below is a list of our cream products.

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Cream products

Whipping cream

Fat content 30-40%

Sweetened cream

Different varieties for bakeries, catering companies, and ice cream manufacturers

Cooking cream

Fat content 20%