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Proud partner in sports

As a Dutch family business, Royal A-ware has been a committed supporter of skating for many years. As makers of Zaanlander, Albert Heijn's exclusive cheese brand, we are therefore proud supporters of Team Albert Heijn Zaanlander. Since 2021, we have also been a sponsor partner of the UCI World Cup Cyclo-Cross and can regularly be found in Belgium along the track with our dairy farmers. The mentality of both skaters and cyclists is one that we have a lot of respect for and that fits our corporate culture.

Team Albert Heijn Zaanlander

Team Albert Heijn Zaanlander has been sponsored by Zaanlander since 2020. Zaanlander has been Albert Heijn's exclusive cheese brand since 1919, with its own unique recipe. This distinctive cheese is made by dairy producers De Graafstroom & Royal A-ware.

Team Albert Heijn Zaanlander is made up of skaters: Tjerk de Boer, Ids Bouma, Elisa Dul, Daan Gelling, Marijke Groenewoud, Jordy Harink, Sjoerd den Hertog, Arianna Pruisscher, Irene Schouten, Marwin Talsma, Maaike Verweij, Gert Wierda, Melissa Wijfje and Ian Quinn.

The men in Team Albert Heijn Zaanlander skate their marathons in Royal A-ware/Xenos gear.

Partnership UCI World Cup Cyclo-Cross

Royal A-ware is also a proud partner of the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup next season. In addition, we are sponsors of the Superprestige in Ruddervoorde & Gavere.

We admire the riders, who keep fighting in what can sometimes be harsh conditions to reach the finish line. They persevere, don't let themselves be defeated and keep their goal in mind. It is a mentality that appeals to us.

Through Olympia & Hollebeekhoeve, we are also sponsoring cyclo-cross rider Jens Adams this season, recognisable by his Chocovit-outfit.