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At Royal A-ware, sustainability plays an important role. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a matter of 'conscious' entrepreneurship. With our actions we try to positively influence people, animals and the earth. By CSR we mean good stewardship: passing on a better world to the next generation. It is our ambition to become the most valued chain partner in the food and agricultural sector.

Royal A-ware's CSR policy is based on the four pillars of active chain partner, the earth, the working environment and attention to society, all of which are equally important and are linked to each other:

Together with customers, dairy farmers and other partners, Royal A-ware uses the (sustainability) opportunities that occur within the chain. Opportunities that are advantageous for the various stakeholders within the chain, but also for the environment, society and animal welfare. By taking sustainable steps together, we build up long-term relationships and make the dairy chain increasingly sustainable.

With the pillar 'earth', Royal A-ware recognises its responsibility to reduce the impact on the environment. By means of process, product and chain optimisation, we try to reduce our impact on the earth. We do so in collaboration with all our chain partners.

Royal A-ware employees are vital to the success of the organisation. Royal A-ware invests in its employees and offers a safe workplace and good conditions. We offer employees opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills. This is central to the pillar 'working environment’.

Royal A-ware is closely involved in the environment in which it is located and the people within this environment. For this reason, the A-wareness Foundation was set up: an independent foundation that supports projects for people who deserve it. In addition, the A-wareness Foundation is committed to increasing knowledge about dairy. The foundation does this, for instance, with the Keten met Kaas (Chain with Cheese) learning package.