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Sustainable entrepreneurship in our supply chain

As a family business, we don't think in years, but rather in generations. This is also the starting point for our sustainability strategy. Sustainability for Royal A-ware means running a sustainable business across the entire value chain, with lasting benefits for all its partners. We organise our chains such that we continue to be both a financially healthy family business and committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Our pillars

Based on our six pillars, Royal A-ware is taking targeted steps steps towards further sustainibility of the chain from consumer to cow. Click on one of the pillars below to see our relevant ambitions and goals or watch the video at the right.  




Royal A-ware is the first dairy company in the Benelux region to commit to a FLAG target in accordance with SBTi. This shows that Royal A-ware is working to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chains. 

More information?

  • View a summary of our renewed strategy in this 1-pager.
  • View our value creation model. The value creation model shows how we organisase our chains in such a way that we reamin a healthy family business and are committed to reducing the impact on our environment. In other words, how the value creation process works for us.
  • Please view our connectivity matrix. The connectivity matrix shows the cohesion between the environment, business strategy and sustainability strategy of Royal A-ware.


Please contact our CSR department via duurzaam@royal-aware.com.