Update Corona-measures

Dear colleagues,

At the moment, the Netherlands is doing better with regards to the coronavirus. This means travelling abroad will be allowed again soon. We think it is important to inform you about the possible risks and consequences of travelling abroad.

We would like to point out again that despite all the measures it is very important to take time off. Even if you decide not to go on holiday in the Netherlands or abroad, taking time off is really important in order to recharge and regain energy.

Holiday abroad
If you decide to go on holiday abroad, this is your own responsibility. You can find the latest information about countries and their colour codes at www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl. The colour codes are updated daily. If you decide to go on holiday abroad, always consider the consequences for both the outward journey and your way back. The coronavirus is still erratic, so the regulations can change during your holiday.

If it is necessary to go in quarantine on your return in the Netherlands, these days are on your account. When you find out that you are infected with the coronavirus during your quarantine, these days will be on your account as well.
If for any reason it is not possible to return on time, for example if the border closes again during your holiday, this is at your own risk. You are not entitled to wages if you are required to be quarantined abroad or if you cannot return in time for any other reasons. In this situation you can take off extra days or take unpaid leave.

When your holiday destination or region changes from yellow to orange or red during your stay, you have to go in quarantine for 10 days on return in the Netherlands. You can shorten this quarantine by having yourself tested on day 5 after returning home. If the test result is negative, you can go back to work. Whenever you return back to the Netherlands within 48 hours after the colour of your region changes to orange or red, this is at the expense of the employer. This means that A-ware will continue to pay wages. If you decide not to return to the Netherlands within those 48 hours, this is on your own expense. This means that you are not entitled to wages and holidays, time for time-balance or must use unpaid leave for those 10 days in quarantine.

Discuss with your supervisor if you decide to go abroad so that both of you know the consequences upon return.

If you have any questions about these measures, or do not fully understand them, talk to your supervisor or someone from the HR department.

Hopefully we can return to a more normal situation step by step.

We count on your cooperation.

Robert van Ballegooijen
Chairman of the Corona Crisis Team.