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The cream that is produced when making our cheese and fresh dairy products is processed in our cream factories. We offer a wide selection of high-quality cream products. The different cream products can be distinguished from each other by their fat percentage. We also produce cream in bulk for such purposes as butter production through industrial customers.

We produce high-quality cream products for professionals in the retail, food service, bakery, patisserie and food industry market segments. In addition to our standard fresh cream products, we also develop and produce customer-specific recipes. Our personal approach results in unique tailor-made solutions.

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Wide range of high-quality cream products

Our range includes fresh and UHT cream, sweetened cream, culinary (cooking) cream, organic cream, plant-based cream, crème fraiche, sour cream to ready-to-use ice cream and milkshake mixes. We develop, produce and package the cream products under our own quality brands La Concorde and Olympia or under your own private label. Tasty cream products fully tailored to your requirements

Thanks to our craftsmanship, in-house production facilities and constant attention to quality in every aspect of the process, we supply cream products and advise our customers on the best suitable solution. We offer a wide choice of packaging, from 250 ml cups to 1,000-litre containers.