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Milk produced with respect for cows and nature

The milk from our enterprising dairy farmers is the basis for almost all the products we make. We are proud of these professionals, who provide us with milk produced with respect for both cows and nature.

We value and encourage our dairy farmers for the steps they are taking to make their businesses more sustainable. This is how we work together to create more sustainable and efficient chains.


Our ambition and goals

A resilient family-owned dairy farming with continued focus on animal welfare and the lowest possible footprint, is our ambittion. Our goals:

Greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farming

2030: an average of at least 30% reduction in greenhouse gases per kilogram of Fat- and Protein-corrected milk (compared to 2021).


Royal A-ware strives for maximum carbon sequestration in its supply chains.


Dairy farmers are committed to preserving and restoring biodiversity:

  • 2025: meet at least 1 biodiversity bundle.
  • 2030: meet at least 2 biodiversity bundles.

Animal welfare and health

  • Royal A-ware uses an Animal Welfare Quality Management-derived tool for continuous attention to and improvement of animal health and welfare.
  • Royal A-ware aims to achieve the sector goals for animal health and welfare.

Resilient dairy farming 

Anually: at least 75% of dairy farmers participate annually in at least 1 substantial gainful activity offered by the Dairy Academy.

What do we do in practice?

Entrepreneurial go-getters work at Royal A-ware. We also show this in the field of sustainability. Below are a number of practical examples within the field of dairy farming.

Case study: capturing carbon

Koen Veldman - Manager of Livestock Affairs at Royal A-ware, explains in this video how we are working together with our dairy farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dairy Academy

Dairy Academy is the exclusive knowledge platform for dairy farmers who supply milk to Royal A-ware. In cooperation with expert knowledge partners, we provide dairy farmers with workshops and events that give them the tools to make their company more sustainable and to help lower costs.

A-ware Sustainable

Through the A-ware Sustainable sustainability programme, dairy farmers are working to make their farms more sustainable. Dairy farmers can earn a premium by rolling out sustainability measures in a way that fits their own form of entrepreneurship.

Farmers advisory pannel: important sparring partner

We like to get our dairy farmers involved in organising our chains more efficiently and sustainably. In order to organise this in a practical way, we do this via our advisory panel. Dairy farmers from all milk flows and from different regions are represented on this panel, which regularly meets online or at our location in Heerenveen. The advisory panel plays an important role as a sounding board for the management of Royal A-ware. Through the group we are able to stay up-to-date with what's happening on farms and in the world of farming.

'It's a collaboration and I'm proud of the company our milk goes to'

Wim Bos - dairy farmer