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Pillar Product

Royal A-ware produces and packages cheese, fresh milk, cream, milk powder and tapas for worldwide distribution. The customer's wishes are central to this process.

Royal A-ware strives for products with the  highest possible nutritional value and the lowest possible impact on people, animals and the environment.

Our ambition and goals

It’s our ambition to offer products with optimal nutritional value and the lowest possible footprint which meet the needs of consumers. Our sustainability goal: Develop a widely-supported indicator that shows environmental impact in relation to human nutritional value.

Edible protein

Cows are essential. Without cows, there would be no milk for the dairy products that we deliver to our customers all over the world. A cow is unique because it can convert products that are not edible to humans, such as grass and the by-products of human food, into milk and meat. Research by the ILVO (the Flanders Institute for Agriculture, Fishing and Food Research) has demonstrated that cattle that eat a lot of grass are net producers of human edible protein. They therefore produce more edible proteins (in the form of milk or meat) than they consume. From grass and by-products a cow can make 1.5 to 3.5 times more products that people can eat.