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Packed as sustainably as possible

Packaging is important for food safety, a longer shelf life and providing protection during transport. Many of our retail customers find it important that their private label products are packaged as sustainably as possible. That's why we're working on reducing packaging, increasing recyclability and using recycled material. Like other raw materials, packaging also has a direct link to our SBTi commitment. 

In addition, we are committed to preventing waste, as preventing waste by getting the most out of how our raw materials are used also contributes to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our ambition and goals

More sustainable packaging and efficient use of raw materials and consumables is our ambition. Our goals:

  • 2025: All single-use plastic consumer packaging is recyclable.
  • Every year, a maximum of 0.1% loss of our raw materials in our chains.

What do we do in practice?

Entrepreneurial go-getters work at Royal A-ware. We also show this in the field of sustainability. Team Plesstic, consisting of colleagues from various departments, develops 100% recyclable consumer packaging for Royal A-ware's retail customers. You can read here how we work on this.

'Very useful to think along about packaging reduction and the use of recyclable materials.'

Annette Willigenburg - QA manager

Case study: plastic reduction in packaging 

Noureddine Chtatou - Packaging expert at A-ware Packaging talks about reducing plastic use in our packaging in this video.