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The entire chain is under our own management: from consumer to cow

In recent years, we have invested in the development and management of the entire chain, from the consumer to the farm. This enhances our independent position and flexibility.

Our chain starts with the consumer. For us, the customer's demand is always the starting point for a custom-made solution. This results in creative and efficient custom-made solutions. We call this 'from consumer to cow'.

Together with our partners, we are building ever shorter, more profitable and more sustainable agri-food chains. Chains that we manage and set up ourselves according to the wishes of our customers. In this way, we are independent and flexible when it comes to customisation. 

We organize our chains in such a way that we remain a healthy family business and are committed to reducing the impact on our environment (people, animals and the environment).  

Curious about how our dairy chain works? Then watch this animation!