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Royal A-ware produces the second-best cheese in the world

26 March 2024

At the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin 
(United States), a remarkable four cheeses from Royal A-ware received awards. 
Additionally, one of the cheeses achieved an overall prize. Artikaas Vintage Lot 
18, the entry from Dutch Cheese Makers, a subsidiary of Royal A-ware, won the 
overall second prize. Artikaas Vintage is thus the second-best cheese in the world. 
This Gouda cheese is produced at the Royal A-ware cheese factory in Heerenveen.

There was a gold medal for Artikaas Vintage Lot 18, as well as gold for Artikaas 
Smoked Gouda and bronze for Smoked Goat. Finally, Youngsters Goat Gouda won a 
silver medal. Artikaas Vintage Lot 18 became the First Runner up in the 'overall 
category,' making it the second-best cheese in the world. The jury selected from 
3,302 entries from over 400 international dairy companies, and the cheese achieved 
an impressive score of 98.92 out of 100. Jan Anker, CEO of Royal A-ware, expressed 
his pride in this recognition, stating, "I see this award as a nice compliment to the 
entire team of Royal A-ware and Dutch Cheese Makers."

The World Championship Cheese Contest is the world's largest technical cheese 
competition. The top three scores in each category are recognized for their 
excellence, with the best receiving the title of World Champion.

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