Royal A-ware

Royal A-ware is a traditional Dutch family business with a passion for food. At Royal A-ware the client's wishes are our priority and this is why we work from consumer to cow. In this way, we can deliver customized, A-quality, service. We are specialized in producing, ripening, cutting, and packaging cheese, and also produce and package cream and fresh dairy products.

Royal Orange

Royal Orange. Cheese with the flavour of the Netherlands. The vast polder meadows with their lush grass provide perfect pastures for the cows. Dutch pedigree cattle are well known for the top quality of their milk. Royal Orange is the king of cheeses. It is made from the best milk and matured with care.

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Our creamproducts

Cream is a by-product of cheese production. This cream is then processed into delicious whipping cream, sweetened cream, cooking cream, and sour cream at our cream-production factory La Concorde in Merchtem, Belgium. These cream products can be produced under the La Concorde brand or as your own private label/own brand.

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SCE E-Piim, Royal A-Ware and Interfood Group join forces to develop ultramodern dairy facility in Estonia

22 April 2021 | SCE E-Piim, Royal A-Ware and Interfood Group join forces for sustainable growth and increased productivity by establishing the most modern dairy facility in Estonia, in the Baltic states. This is significantly upgrading Estonian dairy industry’s capacity and reinforcing dairy farm-based development efforts in the region.

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